Get home safely this holiday season

| Nov 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Law

Holiday parties will look significantly different in 2020 as more people stay at home or only visit close friends and family members while observing social distancing this season.

However, it’s the holiday season, and people always find a way to have fun and celebrate in an adult manner. For example, more families may host holiday get-togethers at home with games and booze instead of heading to the theaters or traveling across the country.

In these cases, you may travel a short distance to a friend’s or relative’s home and may feel more comfortable to enjoy alcohol during the festivities. Feel free to enjoy these drinks as long as you have a game plan to get back home safely.

How to get home after a celebration

The holiday season is one of the deadliest times of the year for drivers in North Dakota and Minnesota. It makes it imperative that you set up a safe way to get home if you or a loved one drinks too much. Some tips include:

  • Setting up a designated driver – If you’re attending a party with a relative or partner, choose someone who can remain sober for the festivities and drive home. Taking that precaution ensures there is a driver who can get people home. If you don’t want a party member to drive, then use a ridesharing app to get you back safely.
  • Stay the night if necessary – An excellent option for at-home celebrations is to stay the night. You can just drive yourself or carpool in the morning back home. It ensures you aren’t driving while intoxicated nor sharing the road with drunk drivers.
  • Know your limits – If you are drinking during the holidays, make sure to know your limits before stepping behind the wheel. The legal BAC is under .08%. Certain circumstances can impact your level of impairment, such as the type of alcohol consumed, the amount of time spent drinking, other medications or substances present in your system, as well as other factors such as drinking on an empty stomach.

Along with these tips, it’s crucial to stay vigilant if you drive late on the holidays. You could be perfectly sober, but many of the drivers around you are not. Make sure to watch for swerving, dramatic speed changes or any common signs of drunk driving.