Assertive Legal Defense When Your Career Is At Stake

Licensed professionals are held to high standards, and rightly so. A professional license provides assurance to consumers that a provider of a service is properly trained and accredited. If results do not meet expectations, some consumers respond by claiming errors were made that are so egregious it constitutes malpractice.

If you are a lawyer, medical professional, accountant or other licensed professional who faces allegations of malpractice in North Dakota or western Minnesota, your career may be at stake. You need to enlist smart and assertive legal counsel — lawyers who have experience representing professionals like yourself against claims of malpractice. The attorneys at Brudvik Law Office understand what is necessary to defend licensed professionals in these cases.

How We Approach Professional Malpractice Cases

Obviously, an unexpected or disappointing outcome does not automatically mean that professional negligence is to blame. In professional malpractice cases, the onus is on the plaintiff to prove that the outcome is directly related to a provider acting irresponsibly or unreasonably. That is a high bar to hit.

Most malpractice lawsuits never make it to court. Nevertheless, it is important to address accusations of malpractice immediately. News, as well as information that has no basis in fact, travels fast in today's world of social media and other electronic communication. You do not want to risk having unwarranted accusations spiral out of control and begin to be circulated.

The Best Defense Is An Assertive Offense

We will immediately evaluate the facts of a case and develop a prompt response. The information in these cases can be quite complex. Our experience allows us to hit the ground running, extracting the pertinent facts, evaluating the strength of the claim and developing a legal response that makes the most sense. If your case goes to trial, our meticulous preparation means we are always ready to defend our clients in court.

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