A Caring Approach To Establishing Guardianship

Life expectancy is higher than it has ever been, and many of us are able to remain healthy well into senior citizenship. However, diseases such as Alzheimer's continue to strike an alarming number of people, leaving them mentally incapacitated and unable to make rational decisions.

Establishing legal guardianship allows a family member, friend or other trusted agent to make decisions on behalf of a mentally incapacitated adult or a special needs child. Legal guardianship is an option that people often turn to when someone's health deteriorates suddenly and there is an immediate need. It allows the guardian to make legal, financial and health care decisions for the incapacitated person, who is known as the ward.

Naming a guardian for minor children is often done in a will in case both parents die. We help parents establish guardianship and take other measures to protect their children in the event of their death. Call to schedule a consultation.

Planning Ahead Can Save Money And Eliminate Stress

The experienced estate planning attorneys at Brudvik Law Office can assist with guardianships in emergency situations, but it is smarter to develop plans ahead of time that accomplish similar objectives. A living trust that includes advance directives can achieve many of the same goals that legal guardianship does at a fraction of the cost. As with many things in life, planning ahead pays off when developing a comprehensive estate plan, not only in terms of cost, but with peace of mind as well.

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