Wills And Trusts That Assure Your Wishes Are Met

Do you have a last will and testament? Does your family – or closest friend – know what your wishes are in the event of a sudden illness or a serious accident? If you do have a will, did you stuff it in a drawer 10 years ago, forgetting to review and update it every few years?

If you have children, were recently married, have an interest in a business – such as the family farm – or own real estate or other assets, you have a need for Probate & Estate Planning in North Dakota or Minnesota.

Creating Wills And Trusts For Families And Individuals

At Brudvik Law Office, we understand the misconception that wills and trusts are only for the wealthy or those facing retirement. However, there are benefits for individuals and young families to have simple wills or trusts, for example:

It Is Never Too Early To Create Your Will. Call A Lawyer Today.

Your age, marital or parental status, financial worth and aversion to talking about the day when you are gone matter less than the importance of planning for your future and the future of your family. Whether you seek a simple will or wonder if complex trust documents – such as supplemental, irrevocable or revocable trusts – are needed for your circumstances, we will provide you with options that best suit your needs.

As North Dakota natives, our attorneys at Brudvik Law Office have knowledge and understanding of the unique issues that West Fargo families – and those in small farming communities throughout North Dakota and Minnesota – can face. Call us at or  contact us online to schedule your consultation.