Assertive Representation Regarding Child Support And Alimony

Breaking up is hard to do, no matter how ready you are for a change. Emotions can run high and concerns about money can lead to heated disputes between you and your soon-to-be ex.

If you are seeking a divorce – or ending a relationship with the mother or father of your children – do not walk away from your right to monetary support. Rather than getting frustrated or fed up with the emotional and financial aspects of your divorce or claim for support, consult with an experienced and compassionate family law attorney.

Aggressive Representation For Child Support Issues

Brudvik Law Office has been providing legal services to individuals and families throughout North Dakota and western Minnesota since 1978, and our attorneys have a reputation for delivering high-quality results. Let our experienced legal team help you when you are:

We understand the struggles you may be facing as you deal with issues of family law, and our lawyers will aggressively pursue your rights. Did you know you might be entitled to monetary compensation during your divorce proceedings? Has there been a change in your circumstances that warrants a modification of a support order? Let us help you.

Providing Exceptional Legal Assistance To Families And Individuals In West Fargo

From our main office in West Fargo, the attorneys at Brudvik Law Office serve clients throughout North Dakota and western Minnesota. We value our personal relationships with our clients and strive to provide exceptional representation for all of your family law needs. Call us today at to schedule your consultation or send us your questions online.


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