Experienced Legal Counsel For All Divorce Issues

If you are going through or facing a divorce, you are probably dealing with a lot of emotions as you split up with someone who has been a part of your life for a long time. Additional concerns about finances or retaining custody of your children can be overwhelming, especially if you are uncertain about how you will provide for the basic needs of your family.

You do not need to face this difficult process on your own. Seek the assistance of an experienced and understanding family law attorney who will guide you through the emotional, financial and legal aspects of your divorce.

Aggressively Pursuing Your Rights During A Divorce In Arizona, Minnesota, and North Dakota

At Brudvik Law Office, our lawyers care about you and your children. We do not want you to get frustrated with the process and walk away from property, money or child custody rights to which you are entitled. With more than 65 years of combined legal experience, our legal team will educate you about your family law options and guide you to the best decisions for your unique circumstances.

Let us do battle on your behalf at the negotiating table and in court. We will fight for your  rights to child support and alimony – also called spousal support or spousal maintenance – so you can spend your time with your children or planning for your new future.

Experience. Commitment. Passion.

Let Brudvik Law Office help you maintain your work-life balance during your divorce. Contact us online with your questions and concerns or call us today at to schedule your consultation. We come to you.  We operate corner to corner in Arizona, Minnesota, and North Dakota, with base offices in Tempe, AZ and Fargo, ND.  Our experienced attorneys come to you.