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Since its founding, the United States of America has drawn people from all over the world in search of opportunity, freedom, and a new home-all in the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, the journey to such happiness requires navigating through an immigration process that can be complicated, lengthy, and even discouraging at times. Such difficulties have created many challenges for families, businesses, and individuals looking to manifest their destinies as lawful residents or American citizens.

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Immigration is an ever-changing area of law that requires an experienced and detail-oriented attorney to handle its intricacies. Because our attorneys are knowledgeable and eager to provide legal guidance to clients, we will help you understand this process while safeguarding your rights, each step of the way. Our lawyers provide legal assistance and representation in a wide variety of areas within immigration law, including:

  • Family-Based Visas
  • Business-Sponsored Visas (H-1B Visas)
  • Criminal Victim Visas (U-Visas)
  • Lawful Permanent Residence (Green Cards)
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Naturalization
  • Asylum

Quality Legal Representation throughout Arizona, North Dakota, and Western Minnesota.

With our Immigration practice being based primarily in Arizona, our law office is in the heart of a diverse and growing community in great need of our services. Our attorneys are well-respected throughout the communities they serve and will work with you to provide legal representation that suits your unique circumstances. Regardless of what aspect of the immigration process you are undergoing, you can be sure that the experienced attorneys at Brudvik Law Office will always work hard to help those who boldly answer America's beacon of opportunity and prosperity.

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