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Do you need help with administering an estate or probate?  Do you want to plan so you can avoid spending all of your money on long term care, or on an expensive probate?  Do you have questions about passing a family farm or business on to your children, or planning your estate? Are you facing a divorce or a separation? Do you need assistance with immigration issues?  Have you been charged with a DWI or a federal crime? Are you starting a new business or selling an existing company?  Do you need assistance with a real estate closing, or selling your farm land?  

If you have concern with any of these issues in Arizona, North Dakota, or Minnesota, the attorneys at Brudvik Law Office have the experience and knowledge to help you reach a solution.

Our attorneys understand the unique needs facing our clients in all of our practice areas.  We have the unique ability to handle cases in three closely related jurisdictions, Arizona, North Dakota, and Minnesota.  It is amazing how often these three jurisdictions cross paths for our clients.  In today's digital world, almost all of our work can be done without ever having to meet face to face.  We utilize digital platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Email, and cloud based file storage.  Along with our digital platform, when our clients need to meet fact to face, we have conveniently located meeting centers throughout all three jurisdictions to best serve our clients.  We pride ourselves on making our representation easy and convenient, and will even come to directly to our clients.  If you need assistance with any of our areas of practice, Brudvik Law Office is committed to providing you with the highest quality legal, convenient, and reasonable representation possible.

Use our online contact form or call us at to schedule a consultation in one of our eight office locations. Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Arizona, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

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