General liability business disputes

| Jul 8, 2016 | Business Disputes

When operating any kind of business, whether big or small, there is the possibility that your business may become involved in a liability lawsuit. It is generally required for any business to carry some form of general liability insurance to protect your business from crippling losses in the even of such a suit. General Liability suits occur mostly in four different areas.

The most common kind of liability suit against a business is known as a “Slip and Fall” suit. In most cases, a patron of a business slips and falls while on the premises, and brings suits against the business for compensation for his or her injuries.

Injuries resulting from Dangerous Structure suits are also quite common. Whether the business has a chair that is unsafe to sit in, a set of shelves that is not secure which may fall over, or some architectural element or decorative piece that presents the opportunity for a patron to become injured, there are many components of a business environment that can provide an opportunity for a liability suit which should be considered when you are assessing the possible dangerous structures on you business premises.

Stairways are similar to dangerous structures and often the site of a liability. If your business premises include one or more sets of stairs, you must take precautions to ensure that the stairways are kept clean from debris or other tripping hazards. Should the stairs be wet or hold any other uncommon condition that may present danger, a warning sign should be clearly placed near the hazard.

Lastly, nearly every element of your business can be the site of a potential liability suit if it allowed to fall into disrepair. It is especially important for a business to maintain its premises to acceptable levels of safety and not allow any part to become run-down and dangerous from negligence. In a Structure in Disrepair liability suit, the insurance company carrying your policy may opt to not cover the injury if it is deemed to be the result of negligent disrepair.

Many things can bring about a general liability suit. The experienced guidance of a qualified legal professional can enable anyone facing such a suit to protect one’s rights and reach a fair and equitable outcome.